Network DAO Launch: A Milestone in aelf’s Decentralised Governance

2 min readJun 26, 2024


We are delighted to announce the official launch of Network DAO, which marks a significant milestone in aelf’s journey towards decentralised governance.

About Network DAO

Network DAO is in collaboration with and deployed on TMRWDAO, a DAO creation platform within the aelf ecosystem. Its primary objective is to achieve fully decentralised governance of the aelf blockchain. This allows communities to vote for Block Producers (BPs) and enables BPs to participate directly in decision-making processes. By leveraging smart contracts, Network DAO ensures transparency, security, and the trustless execution of tasks.

Key Features

  • Proposals: Empowers community members from both TMRWDAO and aelf to submit proposals, which are then voted on by BPs, steering the future direction of the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Organisations: Supports the establishment and management of decentralised organisations, enhancing collaborative efforts within the community.
  • BP Elections: Facilitates transparent and equitable elections for Block Producers, critical for maintaining the integrity of decentralised governance.
  • Contract Management: Simplifies the process of deploying and updating smart contracts, making governance more efficient.
  • Resource Token Trade: Enables the fluid trading of resource tokens, vital for the economic sustainability of the ecosystem.

With its launch, the governance features of MainChain AELF and the SideChain tDVV have migrated from aelf Explorer to Network DAO. aelf will continue to optimise and enhance the decentralised governance process and user experience through Network DAO. We recommend using Network DAO for decentralised governance tasks such as creating or voting on proposals, managing organisations, participating in BP elections, deploying or updating contracts, and trading resource tokens.

For more details on how to utilise these features, please refer to the Network DAO Tutorial.

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