Binance Supports aelf Mainnet, Why Is It So Important?

What Happens in Mainnet Token Swap?

Why Is It So Important?

Mainnet ELF, What Can I Do with It?

  • ELF can be used as a stake for you to be elected as a production node or valid backup node (candidate node). They are the foundation underpinning aelf’s network;
  • ELF is the means of payment through which they get rewards for their contributions.
  • ELF can be used to purchase resource tokens needed that support the running of chains or DApps and pay the block index fees.
  • ELF is the native token on aelf blockchain with which they can pay, transfer, and participate in aelf’s various events including voting and hackathons;
  • ELF represents their voting rights in the mainnet development and governance. They can stake the token to vote for the nodes they trust and get rewards accordingly.



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