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Q1: Where can I do the mainnet token swap?

There are two ways that you can swap to mainnet ELF.
1. Automatically swap through exchanges;
2. Manually swap on aelf website.

Q2: When will the swap start? How long it will last?

aelf mainnet swap will start on September 9th, 2021 12:00 P.M. (GMT+8). The event will last for three months till December 9th, 2021 12:00 P.M. (GMT+8).

Q3: What is the exchange rate between ERC-20 ELF token and mainnet ELF tokens?

ERC-20 ELF tokens can be replaced by mainnet ELF tokens at the rate of 1:1.

Q4: How can…

ELF contract on Ethereum — approve the transaction

The Ethereum address approves the LockMapping contract, allowing the contract to transfer its ELF tokens. This step is used to prepare for the upcoming createReceipt transaction.

LockMapping contract on Etherem — createReceipt transaction

In addition to throwing corresponding events, the LockMapping contract completes the following three things in this transaction:
1. Transfer a certain amount of ERC-20 ELF tokens to the contract;
2. Create a Receipt object and store it in the contract;
3. Assign an ID to the newly created Receipt, store the address whose value is the uint256 array.

Now that the above-mentioned Receipt has been added to Ethereum’s WorldState, all we need…

The founding nodes on aelf mainnet have successfully completed an initial renewal after mainnet swap at 3:00 P.M. on September 16th. The highest weekly return rate approached 146.91%, which is 7639% APY.

Based on the rules of the aelf economic system, if you staked 10,000 mainnet ELF tokens in the first voting phase, the voting income in that week is as follows:

Some of you guys have swapped mainnet tokens and have participated in the raffle on our website in recent days. How do you like it? Cheap and fast isn’t it? aelf oracle helped. When swapping ERC-20 ELF to mainnet ELF tokens, aelf oracle helps retrieve the LockMapping contract from Ethereum to aelf mainnet so that users could swap their ELF tokens.

SEND: Create off-chain data

Here is the off-chain data is created for the aelf oracle organization on the website.

Oracle may not be a common concept to the general, however, it is something of great importance to those who are deeply engaged with DeFi — oracle helps retrieve live token prices for the protocols.

So how this happens? There will be an oracle organization with around 10–20 nodes. The organization retrieves the token price on a certain exchange to its serving chain via a transaction. The transaction will be executed every an hour or two; or in some cases where the service fee is cheaper on certain chains, it can even be shortened to ten or twenty minutes. …

Swap to the mainnet token today

aelf mainnet token swap has started September 9th, 2021 12:00 P.M. (GMT+8) The ELF mainnet swap can be executed manually on aelf website or automatically via exchanges, following a 1:1 ratio. The mainnet swap will last for 3 months from Sep. 9th, 2021 12:00 P.M. (GMT+8) to Dec. 9th, 2021 12:00 P.M. (GMT+8). In gratitude to its community members and to encourage more crypto enthusiasts to surf on the fastest blockchain network, aelf will send away an extra 5% airdrop to swap users during the first 15 days of the mainnet swap event. Airdrop period is from Sep. 9th, 2021…

112.7% APY Stimulating the Development of aelf Mainnet Ecology. Sep. 9th, stake to vote.

The launch of aelf mainnet token swap marks a preliminary spark of aelf ecology. Once swapped, the ELF mainnet tokens will be vitalized for their practical uses. aelf created a strong economic model to best reciprocate its users. Subsequently, users are highly stimulated to participate in developing a more diversified ecology. In this article, we will state a thorough explanation of the beneficiaries mentioned in the aelf Economic Governance Whitepaper v1.1.

Use cases of mainnet ELF tokens

Mainnet ELF tokens are the only voucher within aelf ecology. After migrating to aelf mainnet, mainnet ELF tokens could be used as:
- Currency…

In gratitude to aelf users, aelf will start the “Lucky Elf Raffle” on September 9th, 2021 12:00 P.M. (GMT+8), simultaneously with the launch of aelf mainnet token swap. The total reward is up to 119,000 ELF. The minimum lock-up is 100 mainnet ELF tokens while the maximum daily return rate is at 10,000%.

Duration: September 9th, 2021 12:00 P.M. — September 15th, 2021 6:00 P.M. (GMT+8)

Draw Time: Every 5:00 P.M. from September 9th, 2021 to September 15th, 2021 (GMT+8)

Event Address:

Prize: The Lucky Elf Raffle will give away 119,000 ELF in total. Each day for the 7…

The AMA was held at 10:30 A.M. on September 3rd (GMT+8) in aelf English community. The questions are answered by the Qi — PR specialist from aelf. Here is the review of the whole event.

Q1: Since we have some new members in the community, could you please tell us what is aelf?

Our project was founded in 2017, headquartered in Singapore. We provide the most user-friendly open resource blockchain infrastructure for users and developers around the world.

We innovated on the multi-sidechain systematic structure as well as the cross-chain collaboration mechanism.In this case, aelf network has unlimited scalability to…

aelf is giving away up to 27 million ELF airdrops, worthing 12 million dollars.

aelf will start its mainnet swap on 12:00 P.M., September 9th, 2021, GMT+8. The mainnet swap event will last for 3 months. The ELF mainnet token can be swapped automatically by supported exchanges or manually on aelf mainnet, following a ratio of 1:1. For the first 15 days of the event, swap users will receive an extra 5% of ELF mainnet tokens. The airdrop event will end at 12:00 P.M., September 23rd, 2021, GMT+8.

The mainnet token swap is a key turning point for the aelf…


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