From June 12 to June 25, 2021, aelf technical team has improved the functions of the mainnet universal oracle, boosting its credibility and authority, and ensuring the reliability of off-chain data on the basis of preventing nodes from doing evil.

To achieve that, aelf technical team built a Regiment contract to further improve the creation and governance performance of the oracle organization through the Regiment contract and has started the test of the oracle organization’s autonomy.

In the future, the development team will further improve the infrastructure of the website platform, real-time display of off-chain data, and reports that can…

From May 29 to June 11, aelf finished their period work on the development of the scalable distributed parallel execution on aelf Enterprise. By now, aelf has implemented the Orleans framework to operate the aelf parallel computing logic. We’ve finished the local cluster test version, and we are testing its function and systematic performance. This feature could help expand node cluster operation to improve the performance of the aelf main network.

Here is the full report of the progresses we made in the past two weeks:

From May 15th to May 28th, 2021, the deployment of the aelf mainnet oracle will be carried out in an orderly manner, in order to better support the on-chain DApp developers and oracle nodes to use platform tokens to communicate off-chain data-related needs, free for the provision of data under the transaction chain, the aelf technical team has launched the universal oracle platform built on the aelf mainnet to the aelf non-deleting chain for testing to ensure that the various indicators are optimal to enhance the user experience. At the same time, the cross-chain transfer between the aelf mainnet and…

To aelf developers, community members, and aelf believers, thank you so much for your wholehearted support over the last couple of years. Today we are excited to release our latest aelf roadmap, with the focal point on progressing our trustworthy, state-of-the-art, and safe blockchain technology. We deeply believe that in the imminent future, aelf will change the world to a better place by deploying its proven cross-chain technology, blockchain expertise, and infinite scalability so that everyone can embrace and experience blockchain technology.

In this brief report, we will be elaborating on three aspects of our future milestone — Technology, Operation…

Good news! We’ve just received an official performance certificate from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) that our single chain has reached an astonishing 35310.53 TPS. The evaluation marks aelf’s ever-evolving blockchain technology amid the recent partnership with Chinese government over the infrastructure of local blockchain projects and beyond.

We welcome everyone to re-evaluate the test on themselves. Hopefully the following guidelines can be of any help. To review the code please visit GitHub.

Test environment

From left to right: Haobo Ma — CEO of aelf, Weimin Zheng — research fellow from Tsinghua, Keqiu Li — Director of the Innovation Center

Tianjin, China. (May 24th, 2021) — Last week, aelf was accredited by the Tianjin Blockchain Technology Innovation Center on its competent performance and its professional features. The inauguration of the Innovation Center cemented and mediated the partnership between aelf and the Chinese government, which will allow both parties to work more closely on the blockchain infrastructure development in China.

On May 21st, Tianjin City Government announced aelf Enterprise as its first and the only blockchain infrastructure during its New Generation Innovation and Development Forum. Since blockchain became a part of China’s Development Strategy in 2019, the Tianjin Municipal Government has…

aelf oracle completed, enabling access to multiple sources and automatically aggregation.

In the past years, centralized exchanges and their users suffered significant losses from improper management of assets. These exchanges always use a centralized wallet to manage all users’ assets, which hackers can easily target and therefore prone to be the “central point of failure.”

Once the private key of this centralized wallet gets leaked, users’ digital assets will be instantly at stake: over five hacking incidents aiming at centralized exchange occurred solely in the year 2020, with a staggering $286,933,760 total asset loss. …

In the past month, community users have been actively participating in the aelf mainnet in-depth full function tryout campaign, and the total locked value has continued to increase. At present, the aelf mainnet tryout campaign is coming to an end, and the “Grand Prize Pool Sharing” module will also be open.

What is “Grand Prize Pool Sharing”

The platform will pay dividends based on the number of LOT Tokens in the user’s account (mainnet ELF), which means that the more LOTs submitted by the user, the more rewards will be allocated. …

The aelf Mainnet Full Function Tryout is in full swing, offering prizes worth up to $200,000 USD. Up to now, the TVL has exceeded 17.3 million ELF, we’d like to say thank you to our community members for your active participation.

In response to the community feedback, we have made some adjustments to the campaign rules: first, all ERC20 ELF rewards will be replaced with the mainnet ELF Token; second, a Referral Prize Pool Dividend mechanism is set.

Why replace ERC20 ELF rewards with mainnet ELF Token?

Since the launch of the campaign, we’ve received lots of feedback from our community that the mainnet ELF Token obtained through staking…


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