Notice: Movements of Funds

Since the launch of our mainnet token swap on Sep. 9th, aelf team has been dedicated to promoting the replacements of circulating tokens with mainnet ELF tokens. In line with the mainnet swap progress as well as our project roadmap, aelf team is going to complete several transactions in the near future.

First, we will send the remaining ELF tokens on our main chain to the administrative address of aelf Development Foundation under security consideration. The transfer will be made at 12:00 P. M. on November 10th, 2021 (GMT+8). In this transaction, we will send a total of 439,661,047 ELF tokens to the address at 25CuX2FXDvhaj7etTpezDQDunk5xGhytxE68yTYJJfMkQwvj5p. The sources of the tokens consist of aelf Foundation, unclaimed marketing share and airdrops, allocations for advisors and partners, the team share, and unmapped ERC20 tokens. The assets will be used for aelf’s ecological development, including but not limited to business cooperation, market development, and many more.

Second, we will release certain amounts of allocations for advisors and partners as well as the team share to meet with the unlocking rules. According to our Resource Allocation Model, the unlocking and releasing rules for both advisors/partners and the team are that the allocations will be locked-up for two years, with the same proportion of tokens being released every half year. The allocations have been unlocked in the year of 2019. And we will complete the transactions in the near future.

aelf team has been keeping our inspirit for transparency with community members. And we will always be. Thank you for your support.

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