aelf Explorer Upgraded to v1.3.3, Enabling Voting and Contract Deployment/Update via CA Wallets

CA wallet users can participate in aelf governance by voting and deploy/update smart contracts

5 min readSep 1, 2023

We’re excited to announce that aelf explorer is upgraded to v1.3.3 and this version brings significant advancements in the support for smart contract wallets (CA wallets). Smart contract accounts can now be used to participate in aelf governance and vote for candidate nodes. Additionally, developers can deploy/update contracts on aelf using smart contract accounts. The login interface has also been optimised to ensure seamless user interaction, catering to both CA wallet, EOA wallet and Web2 accounts logins.

Along with the rise of smart contract wallets, aelf recognises their pivotal role in enticing Web2 users and propelling Web3 growth. Since the launch of Portkey, aelf’s inaugural CA wallet, aelf has consistently fortified the support for CA wallets. In the explorer’s upgrade to v1.3.2, CA accounts logins has been enbled and resource token trading can be done via these accounts.

aelf explorer v1.3.3 has taken a step further by endowing users of smart contract accounts with more rights, from governance voting to contract deployment/update. Here’s a rundown of what you shouldn’t overlook!

Voting for Candidate Nodes

Playing a foundational role in both the network and ecosystem, aelf’s governance is a decentralised process that encourages broad user involvement. Through staking Mainnet ELF tokens, users can cast their votes for candidate nodes who have the possibility to be elected as BPs (block producers), responsible for running the aelf network. To incentivise user participation in governance, aelf distributes rewards to voters, candidate nodes, and BPs based on their contributions. Further details are outlined in this tutorial.

With a steadfast commitment to equality, aelf explorer v1.3.3 has opened the doors for an even more diverse range of users to engage in governance and vote for nodes. This encompasses EOA users utilising NightELF and CA users utilising Portkey for now or Web2 users bridged into the aelf ecosystem via CA wallet SDK. Given the advantages that CA wallets offer in terms of both user-friendliness and security compared to EOA wallets, extending support for CA effectively lowers the bar for joining aelf governance. This adjustment caters to the preferences of Web2 users, thereby encouraging the active participation of a considerable number of new users.

To participate, please first head to the voting page on aelf explorer and select the node you want to vote for.

After clicking “Vote,” you will then see a pop-up that asks you to log in. As already supported by the explorer, you can choose either to connect your wallet: NightELF for desktop users and Portkey for desktop/mobile users, or sign in directly using Web2 info or by scanning the code.

Once logged in, you’ll see a new pop-up window that needs you to enter the voting amount, where 1 ELF represent 1 vote, and choose the lock-up time, ranging from 3 months to 36 months. Then click “OK” to complete voting.

After confirming the transaction, you will receive the TXID which can be used to check the transaction status. You can also click “My Vote” to check your voting history.

Deploying/Updating Contracts

In addition to the support for CA wallet voting which is primarily aimed at enhancing the experience for aelf users, the explorer has also upgraded its services for developers. This enhancement facilitates CA wallet owners, developers in particular, in deploying and updating smart contracts on the aelf network. For the broader community of Web2 developers, the CA wallet simplifies their transition to Web3. With the ability to deploy and update contracts using the CA wallet, they can readily engage in Web3 contributions with a shallow learning curve.

If you are unfamiliar with how to complete contract deployment/update through the explorer, please refer to the tutorial for contract deployment with BP approval and the tutorial for contract deployment without BP approval for guidance.

If you are a developer, you can visit the contract deployment/update page and log in using any of the supported methods: NightELF, Portkey, Web2 social info, or code scanning.

Once logged in, please go to the “Appply” page and then the “Deploy/Update Contract” tab.

Depending on the chain and the approval mode, the requirements for contract deployment/update differ.

  • For “Without Approval” deployment/update on MainChain AELF, only NightELF can be used.
  • For “BP Approval” deployment/update on MainChain AELF, you can choose any of the supported methods, including connecting NightELF or Portkey extension, entering Web2 social info associated with your Portkey CA accounts, or scanning the code.
  • For deployment/update on SideChains, like tDVV, you can choose any of the supported methods, including connecting NightELF or Portkey extension, entering Web2 social info, or scanning the code.

About aelf explorer

As a vital part of aelf network and the foundation for aelf ecosystem, aelf explorer enables users to keep track of all the on-chain activities, including real-time blockchain data, transaction history, and proposals. With it, developers can deploy contracts onto aelf and ELF holders can participate in the governance of the ecosystem through node election and voting.

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