aelf Contracts Upgrade, October 2023

2 min readOct 25, 2023

aelf is thrilled to announce the successful completion of a smart contract upgrade in October 2023. With the network upgrade to aelf v1.6.0, our team put forward proposals for smart contract upgrade, enhancing existing features and introducing new functionalities. The upgrade is carried out to the Genesis contract and the focus is to make aelf more developer-friendly and to enhance the overall contract deployment experience. It’s important to highlight that the consensus mechanism remains unchanged throughout this upgrade.

The smart contract upgrade this time and the prior network’s upgrade to v1.6.0 are highly interconnected, and the following are the key advancements achieved during this process:

Support for Virtual Address Transaction Events

Add an overloaded SDK method SendVirtualInline to support automatically firing a LogEvent to log the inline transactions from virtual addresses. The support for virtual address transaction events provides users with a seamless way to access information related to virtual address transactions.

Introduction of the Deterministic Contract Address Derivation Mechanism

Add a deterministic contract address derivation mechanism to the Genesis contract to derive contract addresses based on the deployer address and salt provided by the deployer. This is to support the derivation of deterministic contract addresses, allowing contracts deployed on different chains to have the same address and enhancing the developer-friendliness and usability of the aelf network.

  • For developers seeking to deploy smart contracts on aelf, this mechanism allows for the creation of identical contract addresses on both the MainChain and SideChains, simplifying contract management. DApp users can easily authenticate projects using the one and only contract address.
  • Users of DApps that enable account generation on aelf, such as wallets, will also experience a notable improvement in their user experience. Take the example of the AA wallet project, Portkey. Portkey generates unique user accounts based on its smart contract address via algorithms. With Portkey’s smart contract address being identical across multiple chains, users will benefit from having the same address on each chain. This streamlines address management and eliminates the need to distinguish between different addresses on various chains for all its users.

We sincerely appreciate the support and trust from our communities. aelf is committed to continuously upgrading our code and optimizing our system contracts and other support to provide the best blockchain services to all our users, developers, and partners.

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