aelf Contracts Upgrade, May 2024

2 min readMay 31, 2024

aelf has completed its contract update in May.

aelf is thrilled to announce that we just upgraded our smart contracts in May 2024. The upgrade is centred on improving the user experience, unlocking more possibilities for users to engage with the aelf ecosystem.

Here are the key advancements achieved during this process:

  1. Supported batch approval of NFT collections: Users can now batch approve multiple NFTs within an NFT collection, significantly streamlining the token approval process that previously required users to do them separately in multiple transactions.
  2. Supported setting aliases for NFT items: NFT collections can now set aliases for individual NFT items, allowing them to be displayed using the collection symbol. This prevents the NFTs’ “-” mark from affecting users to recognise the NFTs’ symbol.
  3. Adjusted the expiration time of Code Check proposals: The expiration time for Code Check proposals has been updated from the previous default of 10 minutes (600s) to a new default of 15 minutes (900s). Additionally, users now have the option to customise this setting by calling methods in the Genesis contract. It can extend the validity period of the code check proposal to avoid the need to resubmit and pay the transaction fee again due to the expiration of the proposal to update the smart contract.
  4. Supported case-insensitivity for newly created token symbols: In the MultiToken contract, newly created tokens will now be case-insensitive. Symbols support the use of uppercase, lowercase, and numbers, which greatly enriches the diversity of symbol naming. However, tokens with the same letters are considered the same token in different cases.
  5. Modified the prefix name of Connector from ntto(NT): The prefix name of connector tokens in the Token Converter contract has been changed from nt to (NT)to avoid confusion between connector tokens and regular tokens.
  6. Supported migrating information of previously created connector tokens: The MigrateConnectorTokens method has been added to facilitate the migration of tokens previously created with the nt prefix to the new (NT)prefix, ensuring a clear distinction between connector tokens and regular tokens.

We sincerely appreciate the support and trust from our communities. aelf is committed to continuously upgrading our code and optimising our system contracts and other support to provide the best blockchain services to all our users, developers, and partners.

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