In the past years, centralized exchanges and their users suffered significant losses from improper management of assets. These exchanges always use a centralized wallet to manage all users’ assets, which hackers can easily target and therefore prone to be the “central point of failure.”

Once the private key of this centralized wallet gets leaked, users’ digital assets will be instantly at stake: over five hacking incidents aiming at centralized exchange occurred solely in the year 2020, with a staggering $286,933,760 total asset loss. …

In the past month, community users have been actively participating in the aelf mainnet in-depth full function tryout campaign, and the total locked value has continued to increase. At present, the aelf mainnet tryout campaign is coming to an end, and the “Grand Prize Pool Sharing” module will also be open.

What is “Grand Prize Pool Sharing”

The platform will pay dividends based on the number of LOT Tokens in the user’s account (mainnet ELF), which means that the more LOTs submitted by the user, the more rewards will be allocated. …

The aelf Mainnet Full Function Tryout is in full swing, offering prizes worth up to $200,000 USD. Up to now, the TVL has exceeded 17.3 million ELF, we’d like to say thank you to our community members for your active participation.

In response to the community feedback, we have made some adjustments to the campaign rules: first, all ERC20 ELF rewards will be replaced with the mainnet ELF Token; second, a Referral Prize Pool Dividend mechanism is set.

Why replace ERC20 ELF rewards with mainnet ELF Token?

Since the launch of the campaign, we’ve received lots of feedback from our community that the mainnet ELF Token obtained through staking…

aelf mainnet’s full function tryout kicked off today at 12:00(SGT)!

From 4 Feb 12:00 to 3rd Mar 18:00(SGT), users can participate in “Stake and Get Returns”, Daily Tasks, Lottery Draw and Lucky Box.

This campaign offers prizes worth up to $200,000 USD, including 200,000 ELF Tokens(mainnet token), up to 600,000 ERC20 ELF Tokens, and other prizes such as Tesla car, iPhone 12 and PS5. Join now!

How to participate?

Please find the following link to the campaign webpage where users can stake, redeem, participate in Lottery Draw and Daily Tasks.

🔥Campaign page:

Users who have completed staking can receive returns proportionally, including…

Pre-staking will start today at 18:00(SGT)!

Please find the following link to the campaign webpage where users can stake, redeem, participate in Lottery Draw and Daily Tasks.

🔥 Campaign page:

What do you need for staking?

Users are expected to use Matamask wallet to stake ERC20 ELF Token through the campaign page and then the platform will offer the mainnet ELF Token and LOT Token to users proportionally as returns. Users need to collect these returns manually to their aelf wallet.

👇Instructions on how to install and use the must-have software:

👇Claim Token instructions:

Why is only the beta version of the must-have software available?

Currently, we provide internal beta version of aelf Wallet…

Since the announcement of the aelf mainnet full function tryout, community users have shown great enthusiasm in participation, and we have also received various feedback from the community, asking for an explanation on rules of “Stake and get returns” and instructions on how to stake. Therefore, before the campaign officially starts, we’ll explain the rules again so that users can better understand them.

What are the rules of “Stake and get returns” and “Divvy up the Prize Pool”?

During the campaign, users can receive the ELF Token (mainnet token) as reward through staking. It is similar to a fixed deposit in a bank, as the campaign stipulates that if a user stakes ERC20 ELF Token…

Before token swap, aelf will carry out the mainnet’s full function tryout for the community. Join the event and you’ll have a chance to win prizes worth $200,000 USD, including ELF (Mainnet Token), a Tesla car, iPhone 12, PS5 and a lot more!

Users who participate in staking will receive earnings. Through staking, you will get ELF Token (Mainnet Token) and LOT Token (Lottery Draw) for the tryout. This is also a large trial run before the mainnet token swap, which can avoid unnecessary problems and losses and ensure the security of the future mainnet token swap.

Campaign Schedule

The campaign is…

At the beginning of 2021, the results of the ‘Most Popular IT Book of 2020’ event hosted by 51CTO were announced. After nearly two months of voting, the ‘aelf Blockchain Application Architecture Guide’ has been selected as one of the TOP 5 books in the Artificial Intelligence category, and has been named ‘The Most Popular IT Book of 2020’.

The “aelf Blockchain Application Architecture Guide”, co-authored by Du Xingzhou, R & D and Project Management Engineer of Blockchain Technology, Meng Fanke, senior blockchain system engineer, Hao Yukun, Senior Director of Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain Co., Ltd., …

Zhuling’s live talk

Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend.

First of all, I would like to thank Jinse Finance for inviting me to share with you the latest developments of aelf and what to expect from the year of 2021.

After a long and arduous development process, aelf has launched the mainnet last December. Unlike most of the projects with only simple functions such as producing block in the initial stage, aelf’s mainnet offered a lot more. aelf’s mainnet contains all the functions in the whitepaper, as well as complete development and supporting tools, such as wallet, explorer and…

On February 17, 2020, the aelf Economic & Governance model was announced on Twitter with a link to the Economic and Governance Whitepaper. This whitepaper provides insight into the financial structure of running a node on the aelf blockchain. It is broken up into 3 main topics: Token Model, Incentive Model, & Governance, covering the rights and collaboration rules of production nodes, candidate nodes, developers, and investors. Since the release of the WhitePaper, the aelf team has updated it several times. The latest version is available here:

This article will interpret the economic models and governance mechanisms to help…


ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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